What is USAID all about?

United States Agency for International Development 2United States Agency for International Development or as popularly known as USAID, was initiated and inaugurated on November 3, 1961 after the Foreign Assistance Act was passed on September 4, 1961 by the Congress as per the executive order of the then President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It has it headquarters in Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC. and it became the first organization meant to assist those countries lacking with agreeable socio-economic infrastructure in order to make them self-reliant headed by the United States.

United States Agency for International Development has its missions in more than 100 countries mainly in the developing and the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East. USAID's goal is to partner with the other countries to help end extreme poverty, stimulate a strong and flexible foundation for democratic societies while strengthening the prosperity and security of the United States. Consisting of a decentralized framework, the United States Agency for International Development has a program for the countries having lower Gross Domestic Product for a wide range of ambitions and thrusts which includes: Poverty relief Disaster relief U.S. bilateral interests Providing technical help for various initiatives including environment, trade and investment cooperation, money laundering regulations, safety standards, etc.

Socio-economic development Sub agencies usually found in United States Agency for International Development are education, health and family planning, economic development, democracy, environment, etc. Mark Green, the current USAID administrator said that the purpose of USAID or a foreign aid is to end the need for its existence. United States Agency for International Development being the world's premier institution and the driving force behind the development of other countries demonstrates American generosity and is a serious attempt to protect the globe. United States Agency for International Development aids women and empowers them through peace-building by organizing various events like sports competitions, thus promoting a value of world peace and humanity. It strives to develop the youth of poverty and war struck geographies by holding out elections for them and enabling them to mirror their local government bodies thus inculcating a sense of leadership and connecting them through democratic procedures. It supports workers and their rights by teaching them about the management system, unions, safety and disaster prevention methods and drills.

The United States Agency for International Development attempts to create a society free from sexual assault by teaching the younger minds about safety precautions, gender equality, etc. It also supports transparent and inclusive elections and enable the voters to participate in free and fair elections. The USAID is also working in Yemen and Africa to fight famine and is helping the citizens of Myanmar to live a safe life, and also aided the Nepal after the massive earthquake that struck the neighboring nations as well in 2015. In the sphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, the United States Agency for International Development is helping farmers of the Bangladesh by providing high yielding variety of seeds and modern technology so that the harvest can be produced in a large quantity, and is also connecting with the small businesses to help them grow by providing them with incubators, accelerators and most importantly, investors. USAID continues to analyse their statistics and keep a check on whether results are fruitful or not.