Peace rebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa

conflict in AfricaAfrica may be described as the Dark Continent. Could the description be as a result of the complexion of it is citizens or does it have to be as a blood being shed on the continent due to war. Africa is a beautiful continent whose resources are yet to be tapped into and doing that would require peace and stability.

A lack of basic amenities like water and food could also lead to conflict. Most African countries are war-torn countries for example Uganda, Angola, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan. These war-torn countries are unable to stand on their feet alone and as such usually require aid from international bodies and other countries. Africa is known across the globe to as being heavily dependent on aid. Some agencies assist Africa periodically. Many of such agencies work under the United Nations (UN) and with others working in collaboration with the UN but independently. The UN whose main aim is to maintain peace across the world is made up of fifteen agencies with specialized functions. These agencies include the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which fights to bring a stop to hunger and poverty. The FAO sends food supplies to African countries which just came out of war and provides them with planting materials they need to grow their food crops to be able to survive on their own.

Another agency under the UN is the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO ensures that after war all the surviving citizens are treated and also helps contain the outbreak of any disease which rears its ugly head. To build a stable continent, it requires that the citizens are healthy and strong to work. Hence, the World Health-Organization helps by seeing to the health needs of the continent. The World Bank Group an independent body under the UN helps Africa by giving out financial aid and technical assistance. It funds numerous projects of the countries in the Africa continent. Most importantly it aims at eradicating poverty and shares knowledge so Africa with African leaders in a bid to help Africa become self-reliant, grow its economy and still maintain peace.

The (UNESCO) also under the UN, helps countries cooperate and respect each other through education, culture and science. Through education people learn about the culture of others and it gives them understand the reason why the people act the way they do. This helps eradicate little misunderstandings which go on to prevent a war from breaking out. We are not all the same but we may all have a way of behaving as a result of our culture.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) a specialized agency of the UN aims at bringing peace and stability though development. They do this through the establishment of Industries so Africans can consume more of what they produce than by always depending on aid to be fed. The UNlDO’s aim is to bring about economic growth because a search for basic amenities like food, water and shelter could bring about misunderstanding leading to a break out of conflict.

To establish a better economy and reduce Africa’s dependency on aid, it would require peace. Peace being that the citizens of the continent have enough food to eat, clean water, shelter and security. Peace being that there is an absence of war because war is destructive.